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WordPress Performance Optimizations

Without the proper maintenance and expertise, it’s not a matter of if your site will be hacked – but when.

How It Works

How are you supposed to know what an SSL certificate is or what schema Google prefers to read your site in? We simplify the complicated process of managing and optimizing the technical aspects of your website. All subscriptions come with the following services and more:

Technical Optimizations

We perform a wide range of optimizations that Google expects of any site worthy of its top rankings for searches.


Google penalizes your site anytime it has an unsuccessful crawl, which is why we are notified the second your site is goes down so we can fix it before Google even knows.

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Web hosting

All plans include access to our lightning-fast servers and have 99.9% uptime. We also guarantee that your site will load faster with our infrastructure.


Daily Backups

We perform daily backups of your WordPress site that are in stored in multiple offsite locations.


Our experts will ensure that you are always using the most secure and stable versions of WordPress and its plugins.


The heart of any good security package, we will setup multiple firewalls that are always learning and protecting your site.

Site Optimizations

Increase Your Sales

Did you know 53% of all mobile site visits are abandoned if your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load? On average, we are able to decrease the load times for WordPress sites by 90%.

Industry-Leading Caching

We use a combination of the best tools in our industry to optimize the speed that your site loads.

Automatic Image optimization

One of the best modern trends in website optimizaiton is using a format called “WebP.” Unfortuantely, WordPress doesn’t support this feature. Our proven method gets around this while safely delivering your images in the fastest (and Google-preferred) way possible.

Optimized for Google

Search engines are always changing the way they prefer to read or “crawl” sites. We’ll keep your site on the cutting-edge and in good standing with all major search engines.

Link Auditing

We optimize your links everyday to ensure your pages, posts, and comments don’t link to spam or broken pages. If they do, we will fix them for no additional charge.

Customized to Your Site

We will take all the time necessary to ensure we implement every performance optimization possible without breaking any of your site’s functionality. More than any other service we provide, this is why you’ll be glad you selected us.

Let us handle all the technical stuff

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  • Daily backups
  • Daily WordPress updates
  • Daily security scans
  • WordPress-specific firewall
  • Uptime monitoring


  • Speed enhancements
  • Industry-leading caching
  • CDN image hosting
  • Link auditing (on and off page)
  • Daily database cleanup


  • SSL certificate management
  • Spam prevention
  • Keyword tracking
  • FREE Web hosting


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