One WordPress Maintenance Plan Designed for You

We get it – managing a WordPress site can be really difficult. It’s why we’ve developed a single comprehensive plan that will transform your business’s website for a low monthly price.

Services & Features

Our plans provide a wide range of services that enable you to offload the stress and complex management of your website to our team. For a full list of features, see our Secure & Optimize page.

Upkeep Services

From daily backups and updates to your site’s plugins, we handle all the routine maintenance your site needs.

Performance Optimizations

We will customize your site to make use of our technology, which will dramatically increase the performance of your site.


We provide all of the recurring services that your WordPress site needs to become and stay optimized for Google.

Web Hosting

While not required, we can host your website on our lightning-fast servers to dramatically increase the speed of your site.

Uptime Monitoring

We are notified the second that your site goes down, so no intervention is required by you in order to get it working again.

Premium Plugins Included

Whether it be firewalls, spam protection, or WordPress caching solutions, the licenses for our plugins would cost you over $75/month alone.

Let us handle all the technical stuff

One package to rule them all


  • Daily backups
  • Daily WordPress updates
  • Daily security scans
  • WordPress-specific firewall
  • Uptime monitoring


  • Speed enhancements
  • Industry-leading caching
  • CDN image hosting
  • Link auditing (on and off page)
  • Daily database cleanup


  • SSL certificate management
  • Spam prevention
  • Keyword tracking
  • Redirect management
  • FREE Web hosting

only $49/mo

"I hadn't realized how much more involving a WordPress site would be than my old sites: updates, backups, security, etc. For a very reasonable monthly fee, WPMP took over all those pesky tasks and increased the efficiency of my site."

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ page for a full list of frequently asked questions.

Do WordPress sites really get hacked that often?

Yes. This isn’t just marketing verbiage to scare you. Without the proper care and maintenance, WordPress sites are among the most hacked sites on the internet.

Will you apply updates when they are available?

We stay on top of the latest updates for WordPress and the most popular plugins and themes. AS long as we are confident the update is stable, we’ll install it as quickly as possible.

‘s it really that difficult to maintain myself?

As a business owner or key decision maker, you’ve got enough hats to wear without having to worry about SSL certificates, researching if a random update for your site’s theme is stable, or if Google can properly crawl the site. Success is in the details and the day-to-day repetition of these tasks.

Can you work with my existing development team?

Absolutely! We have lots of clients that love their digital marketing team. We will coordinate with them to ensure we establish a workflow that won’t disrupt anything they are working on.

What type of performance optimizations do you do?

We always start by making sure Google can properly and efficiently read your site. Once we’ve accomplished that, we will begin making the site load as fast as we can without breaking anything.

How slow is my site?

Ever wondered how long it takes your site to load on a 4G connection? Would you like to see a list of optimizations that could be made to it? Google offers a free tool so you can receive an unbiased audit and assessment of your site. Take me to Google’s speed test

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